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Playing games for too long or just work?
  • Mnegor
    Posts: 2
    I will describe to you the story of my friend, the story is quite short - I will try to honestly describe the situation. Let's call him Tom. Tom has been playing PC games since his youth, he has been earning his hobby for over 10 years. Because Tom liked the MMO games, where players compete with each other who has a higher level of experience and better items. Typically, items are bought for currency in the game. He started with games like Tibia and MU Online where he sold currency, orbs and jewelers. His work is quite profitable, he never missed anything. He farming currency, and then sells it on forums. He invested in his job, bought special chairs for gamers (by the way, they are very comfortable) and even hired an employee. However, the biggest ride began when the Path of Exile game appeared, I will call it PoE. So he began developing his skills in PoE before the game became very popular, and until recently PoE was the most popular MMO (I think it still is). So he hit the jackpot and his investment began to pay back - Everything because currency in PoE achieved crazy prices, in the PoE trades orbs (PoE currency), thanks to which you can create new items. So he tried to hire employees, (the current employee has left his job in the meantime) - but nowhere could he find anyone with the right skills.

    Currently, Tom is sitting in front of the computer sometimes even 16 hours a day, he hardly goes out of the house (sometimes after shopping). He farms and sells PoE currency and claims it's just a job - but I do not know if it's a combination of workaholism and he likes the game too much.
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 904
    Hi, your friend Tom certainly is spending a lot of time on his 'work/gaming' but on a forum it is difficult to know whether it is just that he works a lot to earn an income form his gaming or whether it has become an obsession?

    You certainly do sound concerned about your friend, so it may be best to have an email exchange OR telephone call with our Enquiry Line, where you could discuss everything in more detail and totally confidentially? Here is the link -

    We also have a section on our website for Adults who may have Pathological Demand Avoidance, you may find reading some of the information helpful when trying to help your friend -

    We hope this helps.
  • Mnegor
    Posts: 2
    It really seems like an obsession, it's impossible to talk to him about anything else after the currencies in games - he does not even know what's happening in the world - unless in the world of PoE ... Thank you very much
    I will read the advice from the link you sent me, thank you again.
  • Thanks for sharing this post

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