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Welcome to the PDA Society Discussion Forum. Please read our User Guide for more information and contact if you would like to join one of our closed Member Forums for registered members only.
Forum Changes - November 2018
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,108
    Dear Forum Members 

    We are writing to let you know about some changes we’re making to the Forum commencing today until 25th November 2018. It may be necessary to reduce access to the forum for short periods during this time and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

    We’re delighted to introduce a new private forum for Adult PDAers, please note this is a closed forum for adults who identify as having PDA so they may talk freely together.

    This means we will now have three private forums: Professionals, Parent/Carers & Adult PDAers. In addition, all messages within the parent/carer forum will now be in one section rather than split through several, as this was causing confusion for some. The majority of messages that have been posted in the old sections will be moved into this one new section, however where there are minimal comments, off topic chat or old links these will be removed.

    The new look Forum will be as follows:

    Public Forums
    Messages in our public forums are available for anyone to read.  In order to post on the forum, you need to register with us. Please remember that discussions on our public forums are visible to everyone on the internet. 

    General Discussion – remember, posts written here are available to everyone on the internet to view.

    Noticeboard - use to highlight events, PDA related resources, books reviews and links to other sites

    Announcements - Forum guidelines and Forum specific announcements from the administrators will be made in here.

    Private Forums
    For registered members of The PDA Society:

    General Discussion – Open forum where all registered members of the PDA Society have access

    Registered Members Forums – Only accessible to registered members of the closed group they have registered for ie. Parent/Carers may only access the Parent/Carer forum unless for example they are also a PDAer and have separately registered for the Adult PDAer forum too.

    Adult PDAers

    This is a private messaging system which enables you to contact individual members and have a closed conversation away from the main discussion threads.

    All Members who have previously registered as a parent/carer or professional should automatically have access to either the new Parent/Carer or Professional Forum. For anyone who has not yet registered and would like access to one of the private forums we will require some additional information to process your request, therefore please follow these instructions to register:

    1) Visit the Forum so that your web-site registration can synchronise with the Forum system

    2) E-mail: stating which forum you would like access to and why ie. I’m an adult with diagnosed or suspected PDA, or, I’m a parent/carer/grandparent/etc of a child (age) with suspected/diagnosed PDA, I’m a SALT, OT, Paediatrician, teacher etc working with children/adults with PDA, etc.

    3) A Forum Moderator will then reply to you within one week. Please note that as these are closed groups and not open to everyone the Moderator may need to ask additional questions to ensure suitability for the group requested, prior to making a decision on any request.

    With regards to Moderating the Forum, please note that our Forum Admins and Moderators are all volunteers. If you are interested in joining the Adult PDAers closed forum area, then please also note that our current forum admins/moderators are not PDAers. However, if you are a PDAer and are interested in volunteering to be an admin for this private member area then please contact us at

    Prior to posting please do remember to read the new Forum User Guide, which will be published immediately the Forum is updated, together with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy statement.

    We hope the operating features of the Forum are self-explanatory and the changes will simplify posting and ensure that those wishing to post in a more private part of the forum can do so easily. However, if you would like any further assistance please do e-mail:

    Thank you.
    The PDA Society

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