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Today's Sunday Times
  • Garden
    Posts: 329
    Did anyone see the Sunday Times today? There's a major two-page spread about autism and the controversy about the MMR vaccine. Anyway, there's a tiny mention of PDA - apparently one of the children in the original study went on to be diagnosed with it rather than 'regressive autism'. It describes PDA as an "odd behavioural condition". It says it's characterised by social manipulation and says that some children "hold their hands over their ears and say they can't hear you while saying la-la-la".

    My daughter has never done this - interesting way of describing it. Anyway, you'll be able to read the whole thing on the ST website.
  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    Yes a very interesting set of articles - I particularly liked the stuff describing all the flaws in the Wakefield paper. The bit about PDA is laughable though - no my child has never done that either!!! Perhaps we should all write to the author Brian Deer and put him right about the actual characteristics of PDA, hey at least he mentioned it I suppose. The more exposure the better but correct exposure would be best.
  • mango69
    Posts: 967

    some children "hold their hands over their ears and say they can't hear you while saying la-la-la".

    I can't believe it - he did exactly this tonight LOL :lol: Still its not exactly diagnostic!!!
  • I am sure this description appears somewhere in the Elizabeth Newson Centre materials, so I imagine that's where the journalist found it. I can't remember if our son with PDA has done it - our 'normal' child certainly has! (I'm not entirely sure I've never done it myself!)

    After all, it's not as imaginative as:

    "Do you need to go to the toilet?"
    "There's no such thing as poo!"

    "We'll need to get you a belt or your trousers will be round your knees"
    "They're supposed to be round my knees!"
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,565
    Hi Everyone

    Yes, it is in the Elizabeth Newson literature.
    It is definately one of my son's favourite avoidance tactic's, he puts his hands over his ears and says "la la la, I can't hear you". It's an everyday occurance for us!

    I've not seen the article but newspaper authors aren't psychologists are they and you say the article was on Autism and MMR vaccine but at least PDA got a slight mention even if it wasn't done acurately!

  • Garden
    Posts: 329
    I thought that the reference to the hands over the ears thing while saying la la was to trivialise the condition. To be honest, I'm not expecting the journalist to write an in-depth piece on PDA but for me, a description of PDA like this is less than helpful. My daughter has PDA and I am trying to get her into a local special needs school which thinks that she does have significant problems which they could help her with - BUT they already have a PDA child (not for much longer I suspect) who behaves pretty badly and so they are worried about taking my daughter. But she behaves perfectly at school and in public in general - she is one of the minority who seem to find keeping their heads down to be the most effective way of avoiding demands at school. Not all PDA children act up in such obvious ways.

    I just thought I'd flag it to people who hadn't seen the article.
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