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  • webb February 2009
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Hello all last time I came on this site my son was 13y
  • hello all last time I came on to the PDA site,my son had not long been's been a very long battle with school life for him,but I am really pleased to say that home life with my boy is good.from an early age he was diagnosed at early yes with aspergers,then at the age of 7. I got chatting on here to a lovley lady donna d amoure.who was a great help to me at the time,god bless was then I decided to ask to be refers back to the diagnostic centre,whee my son was diagnosed with aspergers/PDA.dispote my years of battle with schools,my son is doing well and trying so hard to control his behaviour.and has now done a yr without being excluded.dispite this his school are saying he isn't making progress.what I am worried about is,can they force me to put him into. Specialist provision?I Am worried where I stand as I have an anual review in 4 weeks.
  • webbwebb
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    Good to hear from you after all the years. Lovely to hear home life is good and he hasn't been excluded for over a year from school!

    Sorry to ask but is he Statemented? Also you say he is 13 yrs old, do you know what level he is accademically functioning at? (ie age or national curriculum level).

    Most LEA's wouldn't choose to send a child to a special school (mainly because of the extra cost) unless a. The parents wanted special school OR b. The mainstream school say they can not meet your son's needs.
    His learning difficulties and behaviour would have to be pretty bad to get a place at special school

    Let us know a few more details so that we can give a more accurate reply.

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