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School Holidays
  • Lesley
    Posts: 21
    Does anyone else dread the long school summer holidays. I am a working mother and I have had child minders for my son Richard but they couldn't cope with him. Now I have to rely on family members or what I dread even more take him to work with me.

    He gets really bored and when he gets bored his noises get louder and more frequent. He has no friends outside school, he simply doesn't have the desire to go out and play with other children. In fact he does his best to avoid other children who know him when we are out.

    He attends a special needs school and we did get a letter home regarding a summer scheme (not run by the school) but for children with special needs, when I contacted them they said they weren't sure that they would be able to handle a child with servere behavioural problems because most of the staff are volunteers and not trained to deal with it.

    He has a gameboy that he plays on most of the time and he spends a lot of time with me, going shopping which he hates. Of course we do other things like go to the cinema, walks, etc.

    Not looking forward to the weeks ahead right now.

  • Pamela
    Posts: 205
    Lesley.....O is actually better when there is no school. We still have the behaviours but she is less stressed out and wound up. We use a special playscheme and have not had the problems you have encountered. O likes to play with other kids but within minutes she is growling at them, accusing them of looking at her, hurting her, pushing her etc, and then becomes aggressive and hurts them. In the playscheme situation she has a 1:1 aid and is fine with that as she can do her own thing on her own agenda. Do you live any where near Yorkshire? We are having a get together in Harrogate on the 19th August.
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