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Ros Blackburn
  • Garden
    Posts: 329
    I saw this lady speak on Saturday. Has anyone else ever come across her? She is an extremely eloquent but highly autistic woman in her forties, I think, who gives talks about her personal experiences of being autistic. Although my daughter is diagnosed either PDA or Asperger's (depending on who you speak to), I still found her insights instructive. One point she made was that she has to decode what people say to her as she doesn't have any 'social' insights into what has been said to her. So if someone says "if you do that one more time" she thinks she SHOULD do it again - she doesn't understand that it's a warning. She also said that it can take her a while to do the decoding and people tend to get frustrated and reword what they have asked. So, if someone says "put the toys away" she is still working that one out but then they say "come on, jump to it" she has to stop and now work out the new instruction, and so on and so on. So she said we should just stick to the same instruction.

    I think there is a video clip of her on you-tube - google her for more info.
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,565

    Yes, I spent the afternoon with her, in my house!!!

    We were doing a video about inclusion and my home was chosen by a mutual friend of ours as the venue.

    She is a fantastic lady, she spoke very intelligently and gave us a lot of insight into the way she thinks and feels etc.

    My son with Asperger's takes about 20 seconds to process what I say, thats a long time to wait for an answer to a question when you have "speedy" for a mum!

    I felt honoured to have her in my home.

  • Boot
    Posts: 14
    Yes, have been honoured to meet her. I can't speak for this lady obviously, but gather she has definate ideas about her own and others' Autism - don't recall her mentioning a crossover with PDA personally - but may be wrong.
    The similarities we can identify with - e.g. Ros' own personal accounts, I suppose, can be explained by the fact that PDA, although different to Autism in many ways, has been classified (in some areas) under the big 'ASD' umbrella (if this exists). But then I always think of ASD as part of a bigger 'human' umbrella, or 'species' umbrella - like my cat and my husband!!!( shows you how it isn't so easy to diagnose!).
  • cammyuk
    Posts: 13
    my self and my daughters{who both have autistic sons] went and listened to this lady for nearly 2 hours ,at one of her talks where we live,
    She was unbelievable!!!she shed so much light on asd , both myself and daughters came away very taught them both how to deal with thing differently
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