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how do i make a private referral to the ENc
  • sinkorswim
    Posts: 565
    We are considering making a private referral to the ENC. On the ENC website it suggests most referrals come through the NHS and implies you need a referral from another professional and thus can't refer direct. Does anyone know if this is true or how we go about it.
    just need to work out how we fund it too......
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,566
    I believe you do need to have a letter from a professional.
    The letter can be from your GP, Paediatrician, CAMHS, Educational Psychologist etc etc.

    The letter would just be a letter suggesting that your child would benefit from an asssessment at the ENC. It is not suggesting that the professional will fund the assessment.

    Some parents have had to write a letter to their GP/Professional first, stating why they need a referal to the ENC Diagnostic Centre.
  • sinkorswim
    Posts: 565
    thank you
    I think I might write my gp her letter and see if she will sign it......
  • Hi

    My hubby phoned ENC last week about a private assessment. Lady he spoke to said you can go direct to them without a letter from GP. However, she did stress that she feels nobody should have to pay privately and should be a last resort, to continue with the route we are following and only go privately if all else fails.
  • sinkorswim
    Posts: 565
    Did she say how much it cost? think Margo said it was about 2.500 but I have seen somewhere else that implied it was more if you weren't in their area.

    I have had 2 CAMHS workers say they just don't know what to do; a GP who has tried to get us a referral to a psychiatrist and got us sacked from even being on the CAMHS list and sent us to a local private psychotherapist (at our cost) the 2nd CAMHS worker got rid of the behaviour support (the young girl from Barnardos was out of her depth); school lost the ed psyc report and resources ( and I did suggest that his behaviour was not really mildly disruptive so wasn't sure how accurate the assessment was) CAMHS also told us our LEA was unable to provide a suitable education and we should home school (this came out when they suggested a change in school and I asked what I should look for in a new school and what exactly had gone wrong as child was school refusing.
    I think we just want to help our son now but may try and change the system further down the line. It bothers me that lots of childrens parents will not be bale to beg steal or borrow money to help their children....

  • dirtmother
    Posts: 897
    The concept of PDA came into our lives before self-funding was allowed for the ENC. Our GP made the referral at my request - once he had clarified that we weren't expecting our lives to change dramatically as a result (and that's sensible - all you will get is a very detailed assessment and a report and that's it). The NHS refused to pay... but the LEA eventually did.

  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,566
    Hi sinkorswim

    I would suggest that you call the ENC on Monday and get them to explain the procedure.
    Unless they have changed their policy very recently, parents have always had to provide a letter of referal (even if the NHS or Education Dept aren't paying for it).

    The last I hear the cost is approx £2,800 but ask for a more accurate cost when you call them.

    sinkorswim stated -
    "CAMHS also told us our LEA was unable to provide a suitable education and we should home school "

    This was an outrageous statement for CAMHS to make!!!
    The Education Dept have a LEGAL DUTY to provide your child with a suitable education for 24 hrs per wk, that meets ALL his needs!
    If you want to CHOOSE to Home Educate your child, this is a choice you can make but otherwise the LEA must provide a suitable school for your child.
    (I will just add that this is only if your child has a Statement/EHCPlan, without one most children are educated in mainstream schools)

    Also, you can phone yout local Educational Psychologist to get a copy of the Ed Psych report and take it into school. If you are not happy with it's content you should have a meeting with the Ed Psych and ask for it to be amended.

  • sinkorswim
    Posts: 565
    I am aware now that CAMHS perhaps shouldn't have told me this....but at the time I felt we had no choice and I was struggling with a child who was deteriorating rapidly with the increased behaviour support. Any suggestion on my part that we were deteriorating fast was met with' you' re not doing'' it ''right' or 'Oh you are an anxious Mum' so we finally deregistered him from school.
    We tried to send him to a private school 6 months after this (last Sept) when we had seen an ed psyc privately (he mentioned PDA but felt a school able to cater for his high IQ and dyslexia would help) although my son really wanted to go to this school he 'couldn't' once the term started and his avoidance behaviour again went through the roof. This ed psyc suggested we needed to see a psychiatrist and perhaps medicate him but we failed to get a referral from our GP....(she tried CAMHS said no)
    He is the one who thinks we should look more closely at PDA ...

    I wish we had found this group 5y ago when we had our first set of major issues....
    My confidence is slowly returning. my camhs psychotherapist spent 6m telling me I know nothing about children; nothing about boys ; nothing about sibling rivalry; that I am just too weak and over anxious and I lost sight of myself and my child.....
    she also spent whole session telling me I made her feel like failure when I suggested me seeing her really wasn't helping my son and could we try something else....
  • mandymoo
    Posts: 38
    Hi Sinkorswim.

    we have an appointment at ENC for next month. We are having to fund this ourselves at a cost of £3,000 because we are out of the area. Our GP wrote a referal letter & explained that funding wouldn't be possible as PDA isn't recognised in our area & out of area funding was very difficult to get.
    I think that the fee is paid following the assessment but before we get the report (I believe that it will take a few weeks for this).

    I know that we won't get a miracle cure but I think it is worth the money to get the correct diagnosis/strategies to help our child.

    Also, ENC have asked for the details of the professionals that have been dealing with our child (school, speech therapist, paediatricians etc.) so they can write to them & any other organisations that they are/have been involved with.

    We have also got a diary & video footage of a couple of meltdowns. Anything that we think might help!

    I have to say that they have been very good so far & I think the assessment is around 6 hours, so I would have thought it would be quite thorough!

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