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Mango69 and offers of porn and violence videos?
  • Ellie
    Posts: 6
    Why can Mango 69 send out messages via the forums which come to our e-mail boxes, offering asian ass porn, domestic violence videos and many more variations on these lines?

    I am not a prude but feel strongly this is not the place, on a site for advice on vulnerable children and where parents are often at the end of the tether and stressed.

    I understand from her profile she is the National Organiser, can someone else who is in charge of this website please answer the questions quickly, I couldn't find a direct link to the organisers, that's why I posted it on an open discussion forum. :(
  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    Ellie I can assure you that no emails like that come from Margo (Mango69) She is a woman of intergrity and a lovely lady. Obviously there is some kind of security problem, there has been a host of silly spammers online lately and margo is quick to deal with them. I agree it needs looking into but trust me when I say it's nothing to do with Mango69

  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    I can assure you its nothing to do with me!!! I will talk to John immediately - we have recently had a huge amount of spammers and have successfully (or so we thought) got rid of them so it looks like they must have found a way to get through. I am really sorry - they are such a pain and I totally agree this is not the place for that. I will keep you posted on here. Can anyone else let me know if this is happening to them please and when it started.
  • jelv
    Posts: 185
    I have disabled sending emails via the forums while I investigate.

    Do you still have the email concerned? Has anyone else received anything similar?

    If so if you could forward it too me I'd like to look at the email headers to try and work out how they have done it. I need to be able to see the full headers of the email - probably the easiest is to create a new message and then attach the spam email. If you have trouble doing this please give me a ring and I will talk you through it.

    My email address and telephone number is on the main website here:
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