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Perhaps it wasn't CP!
  • HarHer
    Posts: 352

    There will be a Child Protection case Review for my youngest child (my eldest in now 18 and no longer on a CPP) in two or three weeks time. My eldest child has recently moved into a residential unit for people who are recovering from mental illness. It is early days, but he seems happy there so far.

    I have a good relationship with our social worker and she has visited every week. She has seen me with the boys and they relate well with her. Over the course of the last few weeks I have talked openly with her and she has told me explicitly that she thinks the children should not have been placed on Child Protection Plans and she is unsure what they were being protected from.

    She is going to go through each of the 'danger statements' on the current plan and, based on her observations of our family, she will not only assess whether the risk is still present, but she will query the basis of the 'evidence' upon which the original risk was assessed.

    I feel this is a very brave move by the SW because she is, effectively, challenging decisions made by a series of social workers, teams of professionals and the IRO. Yet the questions raised have implications that reach further than our case.

    We want to argue that the case has been considered through the wrong 'lens'. That is to say, events occurred, but they can be understood in different ways: from the perspective of abuse or from the perspective of additional needs.

    I want to go further and question whether not only the current case was wrongly viewed as child protection, but also whether the first case was really child protection. Yet I want this to be solid and I really want the local authority to consider their practice in cases of families where there are multiple needs(three members out of four on the autism spectrum).

    Only three years ago, our family was a unit of four, with one parent in full time employment, both boys in full time mainstream education and the other parent in a full time caring role. Now, I live alone with my youngest son, who has four hours of tuition a week and we survive on my part time earnings. 'Child Protection' has resulted in the destruction of our family and I believe strongly that this is because there has been a serious misinterpretation of the behaviours reported.

    If anyone has any advice about what I can do to help the reconsideration of the case, or even just to provide a reflection and some ideas for future practice, i would be really grateful.
  • PDA_ASD_Parent
    Posts: 4,188
    HarHer your SW deserves a medal even just for saying as much as she has. I can only hope she isn't one of the few decent ones that exist, who will end up being hounded out of her job and bullied for challenging the status quo.

    What you can do is provide ASD/PDA evidence that counters every one of the allegations. Look for research and articles to make your point, piece by piece. Compile it as a report if you have to. Make a copy for the head of children's services. You can also report the LA for misuse of public funds, the more families like ours that do this the more the point will be made.

    You can find the contact details for the local auditor from the website of Public Sector Audit Appointments Ltd, who are the body responsible for appointing local auditors. You should be able to find the information you need from the ‘appointing auditors’ page via the above link to the PSAA website. If you would prefer, you can contact the National Audit Office with the name of the local authority and they can provide the information to you.

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