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Aspergers / PDA
  • Cal 69
    Posts: 9
    Hi All new here,

    I have an 8yr old daughter who was diagnosed with Asperger's 18mths ago. When she was diagnosed it was done by her history without an assessment of her. I was told the diagnosis was too obvious to need a complete assessment. We always felt that although we understood the diagnosis and could accept it we needed a more complete assessments of her problems and tried and failed to get more on the NHS. We eventually decided to use a local Autism and Aspergers assessment privately to get more of a handle on her behaviours which happened today. The paediatrician told us she had PDA. I had heard of the name but not much more before today and going on-line it seems very confusing.In some situations she can be very non-compliant but also sometimes can be lovely and seems to have an internal switch sometimes it will go one way sometimes the other. She does love imaginary play and can live her fantasies. I don't see her as socially aware as described though. Any advice on where to go from here appreciated.

  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    Hiya and welcome,

    My son is PDA with Autism and yes I know what you mean, he;s not as social as you;d expect from what you read. That internal switch you were talking about dies sound familiar with all of the PDA kids I have come across. As for where you go now, it;s difficult, what region are you in

  • Cal 69
    Posts: 9
    I'm from Hampshire
  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    I'm sure you will find people from your area on here, I'm from Notts myself. I think you've taken the best step. Finding other parents to talk with, share stratagies and just sound off too is the most powerful medicine. Once again welcome you are among friends.

  • Lixina
    Posts: 289
    I have PDA and the internal 'switch' sounds a lot like what happens with me. Sometimes someone tells me to do it and I have no problem with it, but if they ask the wrong way or I'm overloaded I instinctively resist, and as soon as I start resisting I get stuck in resisting.
    As for the social awareness, I think PDA kids often seem more socially aware than they actually are. Poor social awareness is typical of PDA, but tends to be less severe than in Asperger Syndrome - for example, I do OK in one-on-one interaction (especially if they're older or younger instead of my age) and I'm pretty good at figuring out if someone likes me or not, but I don't have much of a clue how other people feel about each other.
    In my survey about PDA, a lot of the kids have some desire for friends, but less than most people. This is certainly true for me as well. So with the claim that PDA kids are sociable, I'd say yes, but less so than most kids.
  • Cal 69
    Posts: 9
    Thanks very much both of you all very helpful. I guess I have a lot to find out certainly my daughter is at her most resistant if in an unfamiliar setting or with new people. If this paediatrician is right it will make things easier as it seems to fit more but also harder as there seems to be less understanding and acceptance of PDA
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,566
    Hi Cal 69

    Just wanted to say hello and welcome to the forum.
    I have 3 children daughter 19, son 17 with Asperger's Syndrome and son 14 Matthew with PDA and Autism.

    You are right there is less awareness of PDA. It has taken the general public and professionals an age to get there heads around Autism and then Asperger's so awareness of PDA is going to take a while. There are a number of peadiatricians/Psychologists who can now recognise and diagnose PDA but they are scattered around the UK very thinly!

    PDA wasn't mentioned to us until my own son was about 8 years old. He was previously diagnosed Autistic (since he was 4 yrs old).

    Children with PDA can appear more sociable than children with Asperger's but they still are nowhere near as sociable as their normal peers.

    Just keep reading as much as you can from this web site and from the parents on this forum and keep posting and ask as many questions as you need to.

    PDA is very complex to understand but now you know your daughters actual diagnosis your understanding of her and how to parent her will go from strength to strength.

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