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ASD -PDA Petition Brighton . The issues in this Petition affect so many PDA families .
  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586

    I am sure this mum would be delighted if you would consider signing her Petition .

    One of the comments posted .

    CAMHS seem to be avoidant of diagnosing any autistic spectrum disorders if they can get away with it. They need to be made to act in accordance with DSM and not make things up as they go along
    Lindsay L. 20 minutes ago

    Exactly the same issues as Scotland . It has to stop. Too many lives are being destroyed due to incorrect diagnosis and Stratagies .
    Pat xx
  • See that despite a court appointed psychologist saying it's PDA, NHS CAMHS are just playing ostriches again.
  • Holly59
    Posts: 2,586

    See that despite a court appointed psychologist saying it's PDA, NHS CAMHS are just playing ostriches again.

    There seems to be a VERY worrying trend happening in that area .

    " Ostriches" very polite for you!

    Pat xx
  • This is probably why:

    EHCPs and unwarranted child protection investigations:

    "In January 2014, I had a phone call from a colleague who keeps better records than I do.

    "Have you noticed the rise in medical and autism Child Protection cases?"

    "Yes, its driving me crazy"

    "They all seem to come from a few places."

    I Googled the areas she mentioned.

    "Oh my goodness, they're the pilot areas for the new Education Health and Care Plans."

    "I knew there had to be an explanation."

    "If these are the trials, then we'll be inundated when EHCPs roll out nationwide in September."

    Sure enough, over the past two and a half years things have continued to escalate.

    Published statistics show rises in Child Protection and Family Court cases over the same time period and various explanations have been given. I think one important reason that's been missed, is the change from Statements of Special Educational Needs to EHCPs, coupled with directives to 'work together'. These changes have led to a rise in education, health and social care practitioners (including unqualified ancillary workers) operating in areas beyond their skills, training, experience, expertise and competence. They 'fail to safety' by making risk assessments, where those assessing risk have little or no knowledge of autism, connective tissue disorders, ME / CFS or a plethora of other difficulties. To the uninitiated these conditions can mimic signs of attachment disorders or abuse. Wrong calls are made and damaging investigations opened into families who are not abusive in any way, but whose children may need special educational, medical or social support.

    Cambridge University research has shown that children of autistic women are more likely than others to be investigated for possible emotional abuse."

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