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Finally-NAS website
  • mango69
    Posts: 967
    The National Autistic Society has put the "What is PDA?" leaflet on there. Hope you all enjoy reading it. I hope we have put all the right info on and hopefully it will now help anyone anywhere know and understand PDA a bit more.
    PS Go to NAS website and click on about autism then related conditions and you will find it there. I will add a link later when M gets off my laptop!

    Here we are:
  • Hi, just been and read through and I think its really good and full of useful information and links! thanks for making such a big effort to get this information on there. I have already posted a link to it on another ASD forum.

    I think the old info. is still there, but I think you said they were going to remove that at some point?? - the sooner the better I think!

    Now when you search for Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome on the NAS website, the new leaflet comes up first which is much better!

    I am also attending the "earlybird" course at the minute and I am going to tell the people who are running the course about the new info.

    Unrelated additional note -Rather interestingly(to me anyway!!!!) on the course there are 5 families and the majority of those families have girls who have been diagnosed ASD - it's a first apparently as usually they have at most one girl to 4 or 5 boys on each course.

    I wonder if the earlybird course will be offered to families where children are diagnosed with PDA - I think it would have been useful for me when J was younger as many of the things are relevant to him (of course you need to be aware of PDA guidelines and use these but they cover lots of other stuff which I think would be relevant to a PDA diagnosis too).??
  • webbwebb
    Posts: 2,569
    Hi Margo

    WELL DONE !!!

    It looks great, it has all the right info on it and will make a huge difference to parents.
    I know you spent lots of your time developing it with Phil Christie and presenting it to the NAS but it was so so worth it! Thankyou.

    I have printed quite a few copies off and will be taking it with me when I support parents in Nottinghamshire who are trying to get a diagnosis for their child. The professionals here are still not accepting PDA exsists and therefore will not diagnose children with this disorder.
    The only problem is that because they don't have enough traits of ASD they don't diagnose anything!!! There are lots of parents here in the Midlands with PDA children who can not access any services because they can't get any kind of diagnosis.

    I am hoping that prof's here will sit up and take more notice when I hand them the PDA info from the NAS web-site!!!

    westd - I hope the NAS will offer the "earlybird" program to parents with a child with PDA, your right, there is alot of very useful info given on the course and it's better than nothing!
    Maybe you could mention this to the person running the course or the course organiser.
    Maybe one day soon there will be a course for parents just on PDA, rolled out Nationally!

  • Amanda
    Posts: 281
    Well done Margo, at last info about PDA that isn't written for college professors x
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