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Sensory issues
  • Hello everyone,

    Just wondering how to help my son(8) cope with sensory issues.
    They seem to be becoming more and more frequent.
    He has only worn 2 pairs of trousers(which r identical ) since november and quite frankly i'm sick of washing them repeatedly, and all hell lets lose if i'm not organized enough and they r not clean! He's growing out of them, but i bought him some new similar ones that he refused to wear, and a week later when i said i might as well give them to his brother, he had a massive meltdown, although he still wouldn't wear them. It's like watching him put on burning robes trying to get into them.

    Then there is the shoe issue... i've taken him shoe shopping several times, trying lots of different tactics( mainly going somewhere else in the shop while he chooses), but we've come back empty handed... apparently he needs room to wiggle his toes, but when i give him bigger ones they r too big... or any other excuse he can think off.
    Long sleeved t shirts have been a no, no all winter and today he wouldn't get ready for football because he didn't have the top he wanted(but 50 others) so i had to leave to take his brother, without him. I tried to talk to him later and he complained of an itching back all day... there was a small irritation so this could have had him on high stress i guess.
    The thing is, are they sensory issues, demand avoidant issues or both intertwined?

    He hasn't always been this bad , (some arguments over clothes and shoes but not so limited)....but he is getting worse and has been more and more difficult with food this past year too.

    Sometimes this past year his symptoms seem to have appeared as i've done more research, like he's swallowed the handbook and is spitting it out... obviously this is not possible. Do i just notice it more because i've read about it, but surely i would have noticed if he was limited on clothes before, or do the symptoms get progressively worse with stress or age?

    And here's a biggy, will i ever get him out the trousers, or will he be wearing them as shorts in the summer!!!

  • It might be worth getting him assessed for sensory processing disorder, because then an OT can do some tailored therapy to address his sensory difficulties.

    There are shops that do sensory clothing:

    It might be that they are more expensive than other clothes however and with PDA the need for control and avoiding doing as he's told might mean he still won't wear them anyway!
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,170
    We find our daughter has phases when the sensory issues seem to override other aspects, then she seems to adjust and sensory issues become less evident but we struggle in other areas. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s part of her coping mechanism to concentrate on something that she has control over. Her sensory issues seem to take over when she is in crisis over something else. Does that resonate with anyone else?

    A small example but recent. Last year we struggled to buy school shoes that felt comfortable, I can’t begin to tell you how many we tried, just glad we had a patient and understanding assistant. However we knew that going to school was tricky and she was really anxious, no shoes in her mind meant no school! This half-term I was therefore dreading the shoe shop, but even though they no longer made the same style she coped... the only difference I believe was that we were going because she had worn them out playing football with friends at school.... she wanted to keep playing! We have however now suggested she wears her trainers for playing!
  • 07162017
    Posts: 52
    I can relate to this. our son wears the same clothes endlessly, will drag them out of the washing machine when its on if I dare wash them. I have bought so many clothes for him that he chooses then won't wear. He will put on dirty clothing and often complains that clothes itch. We have had to just accept that he is often inappropriately dressed to keep the peace. Formal events are a nightmare. Even if he decides what to wear, if he is cold or stressed he then blames us for his choices. he rarely showers. teeth cleaning is an issue so he has high fluoride toothpaste prescribed. His eating is obsessional too. When once fad ends another one commences. it was pasta, then noodles, then pancakes. We just hope that it will pass. The more we put pressure on him the worse he is. We try ignoring as much as we can. Good luck.

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