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  • Lisarob44
    Posts: 18
    We are currently on a waitlist for ASD diagnosis , however, i have thought she has PDA for years! She has been put on Sertaline 75mg once a day since February and more recently aripiprozole. Neither of these meds have done anything to reduce her anxiety. Any ideas or tips as to what meds be it medical or natural remedy which may help the anxiety. It is making my daughter become close to a relcuse and never leaving the house!
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,130
    Hi, I'm sorry your daughter is finding it so hard to leave the house, unfortunately I've not had any dealings with medication personally however this post has some information you may find helpful, particularly the comments by Gerry & Webb. Hope it helps.
  • nzbred
    Posts: 5
    My son is in a very similar situation.He was diagnosed with ASD aged 3,(he's now 9,) and has massive anxiety issues.He started refusing to go school this year and has now not left the house in over 7 months. We've had a 6 month wait but are now finally under CAHMS and they have prescribed him with fluoxetine. We never wanted to go down the medication route but got to a point where we had no other option.He is responding well to the fluoxetine.Its by no means ''a magic bullet'' but we have noticed his levels of anxiety have decreased alot which have in turn also reduced his aggression. Hope your littlin feels better soon.
  • RhanHRhanH
    Posts: 1,130
    The last two episodes of The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs is a very interesting documentary looking at children’s medicine. It looks at the drugs you mention and also whether there are alternative solutions. The programme is focusing on the drugs being given for teenage depression and not PDA but I still found it very interesting viewing. It’s currently available to watch via the BBC:

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