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  • Hello,

    Does anyone use or know where we could buy or DIY a PDA badge, similarly to the autism awareness badges that are available for children.

    Also if anyone does use one how have you succinctly and effectively explained PDA in such a way that those who may not understand but helps the child’s impulsivity, behaviour be slightly more understood? Struggling to think of a way of summarising it constructively. Our PDA son *really* struggles with social situations particularly other children, try as he might - his anxiety of the situation and difficulty managing / controlling it means he cannot interact with them and often lashes out at them , often quite horribly. I know some children won’t be able to read but can’t help thinking every little helps - it can be read to them or read by their parents for example.

    Any tips, thoughts and advice would be gratefully appreciated.

    Thank you
  • westd_Moderatorwestd_Moderator
    Posts: 1,292
    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Not sure if this will be helpful/ kind of what you had in mind buthave you seen the pin badges for sale in the PDA society store?

    There are also PDA awareness cards for parents/carers to carry

    you can see both sides of the card on the store webpage.
    (there is an alert card for older children/adults to carry as well).

    If you have more time to explain to someone, there are a few different PDA books out now which are written for children and reading some of them may help with explaining to others:

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