How to contact the PDA Society

Enquiry line

Please get in touch if you feel we can help in any way, using the contact form to your right/below. We aim to answer your enquiry within 3-5 days by either email or telephone, however please bear in mind there may be a further delay during school holidays.

To help us deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently please follow the guidance below:

  • ​Please try to ensure that your initial enquiry is concise, and focuses on the main points which you would like to seek advice on
  • ​​The allocated time for telephone enquiries is approximately 30 minutes, therefore it is important to try to remain on topic regarding the main points of your enquiry to ensure these can be fully dealt with to your satisfaction
  • ​​To avoid disappointment, please do not submit / attach professional reports, school reports, letters or other similar documents as our enquiry line team can not comment on these
You may also be able to find answers to your queries in our frequently asked questions.

Enquiry Line Team

Our enquiry line team consists of designated trustees and volunteers who are all parents of children or young adults with PDA. All members of our enquiry line team have received the appropriate training to deal with your enquiry in a supportive, caring and confidential manner. We look after the information you send us as explained in our Privacy Policy.  

Confidentiality and Safeguarding

All enquiries are treated confidentially, unless there are any concerns regarding safeguarding. Any concerns regarding safeguarding would be forwarded to our enquiry line coordinator to be dealt with in accordance with our safeguarding policy.

Training enquiries

​For enquiries relating to PDA Society training courses or workshops please email us at 

​Press and social media enquiries

​​For enquiries relating to press, media and social media please email us at


​​The following booklets and leaflets can be downloaded free of charge from our website by following the links provided. If you would like to request a hard copy please click on the link provided for further details or email

General enquiries 

​For all other enquiries please email us at or use the contact form to your right.


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