How to contact the PDA Society

Whether you are a parent or a professional, please get in touch if you feel we can help in any way, either using the contact form to your right or emailing us at

Enquiry Line Team

Our Enquiry Line Team consists of designated trustees and volunteers who are all parents of children or young adults with PDA. All members of our Enquiry Line Team have received the appropriate training to deal with your enquiry in a supportive, caring and confidential manner.
We aim to answer your enquiry within 3-5 days, however please bear in mind there may be a further delay during school holidays.

Confidentiality and Safeguarding

All enquiries are treated confidentially, unless there are any concerns regarding safeguarding. Any concerns regarding safeguarding, in accordance with our safeguarding policy, would be forwarded to our enquiry line coordinator to be dealt with in accordance with current legislation and guidelines.

National Autistic Society helpline

The National Autistic Society also runs a helpline

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