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Information, training and support for PDA people, parents & carers, and professionals.

The PDA Society is the only specialist PDA charity in the UK. We are a small team, and all of us have a personal connection with PDA.

Our goal is to try and make life better for PDA people and their families – we believe that happy, autonomous lives are possible. Our strong commitment to research underpins every step we take towards improving understanding, support and outcomes for PDA people in the future.

We do this by:

  • Raising awareness of PDA and providing high quality, trustworthy information.
  • Providing training to parents and professionals to help them understand how to support PDA people, and to build safe, supportive connections.
  • Offering tailored support to PDA people and their families through our enquiry line service, which is entirely staffed by PDA people or their carers.
  • Consulting with and mobilising our community to influence positive change for PDA people.

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Featured research

In May 2023, PDA Society ran a survey of PDA adults and their families, as well as parents of PDA children. There were 921 responses to the survey and the results were clear; autistic-PDA people are experiencing a mental health crisis. PDA Society published a report of its key mental health findings from the survey in November 2023.

Featured resources

Featured training

PDA Society courses are delivered by training facilitators with valuable lived experience of PDA as PDAers themselves, parents, carers, partners, family members or professionals working with PDA people.

Understanding PDA for parents/carers

11th and 18th November

During the course we will discuss: ‘What is PDA?’, consider what demands are, and their effects, then explore how to help using a variety of different approaches. We’ll also take a look at siblings, diagnosis and education. Live training via Zoom.

What is PDA for male parents/carers

4th December

During the course we will provide an overview of PDA, consider what demands are and their effects, explore PDA demand avoidance, share approaches that might be beneficial and signpost to additional resources. Live training via Zoom.

Featured Q&A recordings

Replays of past Question & Answer sessions where our guest speakers discuss PDA and specific topics.

Supporting male parents & carers

In this Q&A, our guest speakers answer questions about life and PDA from a male parent/carer perspective.

Navigating distressed behaviours

During this Q&A, our guest speakers answer questions about navigating, supporting and reducing these types of distressed behaviours.

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