Positive PDA

Most of what is written about the PDA profile of autism focuses on the challenges and difficulties. Whilst this is of course the daily reality for many people, it’s also important to remember the positives, even if the ‘breaks in the clouds’ are only infrequent.

“Our PDA Journey” was chosen as the theme for our conference in 2018 to reflect the fact that we’re all travelling a road together. The “journey” from first recognising there may be something ‘different’ about us or about our children to the ‘lightbulb’ moment of discovering PDA; as children grow into teenagers and then adults; as more research is undertaken and our understanding of PDA evolves; and not least our journey of personal growth as we learn to live with PDA. “Our” to reflect the PDA community, the importance of ‘finding our tribe’ and the support that can only come from others who ‘get it’.

Depending what stage we’re at on this journey will very much influence how positively or otherwise we may feel about PDA. And at all times we may need a little boost of positivity …

So for PDA Action Day 15th May 2018 we created some resources around the theme of “Positive PDA”.

Our image for the day (created by Sally Cat) combines the words of 84 parents and carers when asked to name three of the child’s positives in the “Peaceful Parenting Place for PDA Parents & Carers” group on Facebook.