PDA Day takes place on 15th May each year.

It’s a day to raise awareness, increase acceptance and take action about the PDA profile of autism.

There’s a different theme each year with new resources and opportunities for everyone to participate. It’s a great opportunity to get involved through fundraising, helping to raise awareness or helping the PDA Society.

You can find information about the current and previous year’s PDA Days here:

PDA Day 2021: Professionals – focusing on professionals who work with PDA children and adults. We launched a survey to gather examples of best practice and thoughts on what professionals need to know about PDA and created a new one page letter about PDA that’s easy to share with professionals, two videos about best practice (the PDA community’s voice and the professional voice) and a new page with many examples of best practice.

PDA Day 2020: Support – switching the focus (due to the coronavirus pandemic) to supporting our PDA and wider community with a variety of resources including fun PDA Panda activities to use at home and a website scavenger hunt leading to different sources of support. We also ran a quick survey about life under lockdown and shared the headline results and what respondent’s comments revealed about the impact of lockdown on the PDA community.

PDA Day 2019: Improving Outcomes – a look at what’s working (with examples of good practice across a variety of sectors – all now available in our Resources section) and what’s needed. We also launched a new video ‘Demand Avoidance of the PDA Kind‘ and created PDA Stars for people to award.

PDA Day 2018: Launch of Being Misunderstood report & Positive PDA – results of the largest survey to date about PDA and a focus on the positive aspects of PDA

PDA Day 2017: Launch of PDA Panda – read all about our panda ambassador here

Previous PDA Days … on previous PDA Days we shared Q&As with experts, new resources and held fundraising events.