PDA Day 2020

This PDA Day the world is very different to ‘normal’ and this year’s theme is all about supporting the PDA and wider community.

We really hope you’re keeping safe and well, and that some of our Coronavirus resources have been useful – please do let us know if there are other things that would be helpful.

To help you find other useful resources on our website, we’ve put together a PDA Day website ‘scavenger hunt’ with ‘clues’ leading to different sources of support.

And created some fun PDA Day activities to download and use at home …

DIY PDA Panda ears*

A printable ‘pandala’ colouring page**

search and find the pandas page** (the answers are circled on this version)

It’s been lovely to see your images of colourful ‘pandalas’ in windows at home and on social media, as well as photos of you wearing your homemade PDA Panda ears! Please do share your pictures with us by tagging us on social media or via email (if you’re happy for us to share with others).

We’re also really grateful to all those who have been able to continue donating or raising funds for the PDA Society during these difficult times – thank you!

If you’re looking for quick tips or information to share with others about PDA, here’s a round-up of our most popular resources:

Every PDA Day we take the opportunity to reflect back on the previous year.

During this time we’ve seen new PDA research published, with more in the pipeline. This all helps lead to better understanding and we can be more certain about what helps and what doesn’t, and professionals will become more confident in identifying and meeting needs.

We’ve also seen a huge increase in the PDA voice being heard at an increasing number of conferences, talks and training and in the many case studies and personal stories being shared online. Hearing directly about the lived experience has further added to the sense of ‘a truth that can’t be denied’ and an even greater depth of understanding.

It is clear that awareness and acceptance is spreading and the need for practical approaches which help is being better understood. There remains work to be done in establishing the best way to classify the profile and in ensuring consistency and clarity in professional practice.

Is there anything we can learn from the current crisis? Our PDA – life under lockdown survey revealed that a higher proportion of the PDA community appear to be finding that life under lockdown may be a positive experience overall, though for others life is exceptionally hard. It’s difficult to draw conclusions when we’re still in the middle of things, so like everyone, we’re taking each day as it comes. However, as we start to face transitioning back to ‘normal life’, finding and building on the positives is important, so here are our thoughts …

Acceptance: Doing what we can and knowing ‘good enough’ is good enough

Inclusivity: We should listen to all and leave no one behind

Community: Connections with others enrich our lives

Learning: Let’s embrace debate and learn from all

Personal development: We’ll all have grown and learned more about ourselves, our strengths and needs, during this time which will stand us in good stead in future

Systems: We now have proof that systems can change, so let’s harness the can-do attitude and encourage it to continue

Survival: Every day is a new day

Happy PDA Day 2020!

*Requires a printer, paper, scissors, glue and a headband. If you don’t have a printer you could replace the printable template with black paper and copy the basic design
**Many thanks to Sally Cat for designing these for us