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Being Understood Survey

ONLINE SURVEY. PDA people (age 17 years or over), Parents, carers & partners of PDA people - Please tell us about your lived experience of PDA.

Last week we launched our new ‘Being Understood’ Survey to help us gather up-to-date information about what life is like for the PDA community.

PDA people (age 17 years or over) and parents, carers and partners of PDA people are invited to take part and share their lived experience of PDA.

We’d be incredibly grateful if as many people as possible could complete the survey and share the link with others in the PDA community, please. A formal diagnosis of PDA isn’t required and the closing date for responses is Wednesday 31st May 2023.

PDA Action Week

Thank you to everyone who supported PDA Day & Action Week this month. It was brilliant to see so many people coming together to make a difference for the PDA community!

You can catch up on the action via our social media links at the bottom of this newsletter and by searching for the #TeamPDA #PDADay & #PDAActionWeek hashtags.

Thank you for taking part in PDA Action Week

We’re excited to build on the success of PDA Action Week and keep the momentum going in the year ahead, as we continue to work together for understanding, recognition and support for everyone in the PDA community.


NEW email templates

Here are 2 new email templates that can be personalised and used to inform people and professionals about PDA and our practice guidance on identifying and assessing a PDA profile. We hope they will help everyone to be better understood and supported:

PDA Society resources

Our website offers a wide range of information and resources for PDA people, families, carers and professionals. This month’s featured resources include:

Training & Events

NEW CPD accredited courses & Q&A replays

We’re excited to announce that our suite of training options now includes a range of CPD accredited courses for professionals and replays of our past Q&A sessions on a wide range of topics, including Coping strategies for PDA adults; Teenage years; Education; Eating Disorders; LGBTQIAP+; Sensory Processing; Understanding social care and many more.

Q&A recordings now available

Our training pages also have a new look which we hope will make it easier for people to find the right training for them.

Upcoming course dates

Our courses are delivered by training facilitators with valuable lived experience of PDA as PDAers themselves, parents, carers, partners, family members or professionals working with PDA people.

Tickets are available for the following upcoming June and July courses:

For future upcoming course dates later in the year, please visit our training pages.

The PDA Society exists to support PDA people and those who care about them. We are a small team and can only make this difference because of the incredible community around us, who help us raise the funds that are vital to us keeping going. Every penny counts and there are lots of ways you can help from setting up a regular direct debit, to nominating us for your workplace’s charity of the year. Please visit this page to find a way to support PDA people that is the right fit for you.

Thank you – we couldn’t do this without you.

The PDA Society

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