Welcome to PDA Day 2023!

Today is PDA Day and the start of our first PDA Action Week (which will run from 10th – 16th May). The goal of the week of action is to bring the PDA community together to take actions that can make a big difference towards better understanding, recognition and support for all PDA people and their families.

Understanding PDA and the different approaches that help is transformational in leading to positive outcomes, but PDA people and their families still face barriers to accessing the right understanding and support for their needs. We’re working hard to tackle this and you can help by joining Team PDA today to hear about ways we can work together as a community to make a big difference this PDA Action Week and beyond.

‘Being Understood’ Survey

Today we’ve launched our new ‘Being Understood’ Survey to gather up-to-date information about people’s experiences of PDA.

The survey is open to PDA people (age 17 years or over) and parents, carers and partners of PDA people and is an important opportunity to work together to gather up-to-date evidence that can help PDA people and those who care about them be better understood.

Our last major survey of almost 1,500 people was in 2018. This time we hope even more people will participate and help us collect important evidence needed to influence change.

We’d be incredibly grateful if you could take part and share the survey link with others you know in the PDA community, please. A formal diagnosis of PDA isn’t required to take part. The closing date for responses is Wednesday 31st May 2023.

Team PDA

Purple heart on a yellow background with the words Thank you to everyone who’s marking PDA Day & Action Week 2023. There are lots of ideas for ways to help here.

Please do tag us on social media and use the hashtags #TeamPDA #PDADay #PDAActionWeek if you’re taking action today or throughout the week. Here’s the Team PDA graphic to share to show you’re a part of the team and we’d also love to see your PDA Panda ears photos too!

We have lots planned for the week ahead and will be sharing information, stories, resources and more via Team PDA emails and on our social media channels, so please feel free to check them out and follow us via the links below.

Happy PDA Day 2023!