Frequently Asked Questions

This is a quick link guide to the most frequently asked questions our enquiry line service receives about PDA …

Is a PDA profile of autism a good fit for me or my child?

Only an experienced clinician would be able to say whether a PDA profile of autism is a good fit for you or your child, after undertaking a very detailed assessment. There’s a wealth of information on our website which will help give you a good understanding of PDA, these are good starting points:

About Autism & PDA

What is demand avoidance?

Identifying PDA

Introduction to PDA webinar

PDA case studies & lived experiences

Adult Life by PDAers

Teen life

Books about PDA

What is PDA? booklet

What is PDA? information sheet

What is PDA? video

​How is PDA assessed/diagnosed?

Please see detailed information on the diagnostic pathway for children and diagnostic pathway for adults.

Identifying PDA

PDA Development Group – what makes a good diagnostic assessment

PDA Society statement on diagnostic terminology

How do I access support?

PDA Society enquiry line

PDA Society forum

Support groups – local and Facebook

Self-help, coping strategies & therapies for adults


Support & advice (parents & carers); Pathway to support (adults); Teen life (teens)

Resource library (support & advice category)

Share the editable tools in our resource library and other materials from the PDA Society such as:

to help others understand how to support you/your child.

How do I get support at school/work?

Family life – school

Home education “hub”

EHCP guide

Workplace adjustments for PDA

Support & advice (parents & carers) and Pathway to support (adults) – signposts to many helpful organisations

Editable Tools

What approaches are helpful with PDA?

Self-help, coping strategies & therapies for adults

Helpful approaches – children

Understanding behaviours

Distressed behaviours

Understanding PDA webinar

Keys to Care


Best practice

Resource library (good practice & insight category)

Sources of further understanding

​Is there training available on PDA?

Please see our training pages

What information is there for professionals?

Please see our Working with PDA pages and our Resource library

How can I stay up to date with news?

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