Support - Local groups

This is a list of the local groups we’re aware of that offer support for PDA people, their families and/or the professionals who support them. Some are online only Facebook groups, some meet up in person (locally or online) and some do both.

Please note that the support groups listed are independent and external to the PDA Society. This list is for signposting purposes only, not an endorsement, and the PDA Society can take no responsibility for the quality of support offered by each group. We are also unable to recommend any other services that they may offer.

If you run a local PDA support group and wish to have your details added, please complete this form: or email We can also offer support and guidance to anyone who wants to set up their own local group.

Hilary Harvey who set up The South Bucks PDA Support Group has put together a helpful guide for us called ‘Setting up a PDA Support Group’ which can be found in the ‘Get Involved’ menu.

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PDA Families National Community Group (London-based)

A supportive peer to peer discussion forum for parents and carers of PDA children via WhatsApp, with occasional meet-ups. Based in London. Please use the link below to join the WhatsApp group: Join WhatsApp group -     Please note: this support group is independent and external to the PDA Society. They are a [...]

Parent Support Group Richmondshire

SEND Parent Support Group Richmondshire. Meets every Tuesday 6pm-7.30pm at Colburn Village Hall and also online Saturday evenings 8pm-9pm via GoogleMeet. The links can be sent to anybody who requests the code. Contact via email at or via the Facebook group.     Please note: this support group is independent and external to [...]

Early Intervention – Aberdeen

Early Intervention Aberdeen provides support and guidance to parents/carers of neurodivergent children, including PDA. Please visit our website for resources and more information about our forthcoming events, including regular weekly children & parent activity sessions and school holiday activities. In addition, we would love to hear directly from you via [...]

Spectrum Life Scotland

Additional Support Needs online support group including, ASD, ADHD, ODD, PDA, Dyslexia, SPD, Anxiety... Many parent carers feel that their children don't fit neatly into that diagnostic criteria! The Spectrum of conditions are so varied, every child is different. Your child may have been diagnosed with a few conditions, or with [...]