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Blogs and videos by children

Chloe me just me shares snippets of her home educating life and how she copes with anxieties, autism and PDA on her Facebook page. She also vlogs on YouTube and records fun unboxing and review videos as well as videos about autism and PDA. Libby's Autism Blog  The writings of Libby, an [...]

Blogs by Professionals

Help for Autism and PDA by Dr Judy Eaton -Consultant Clinical Psychologist Starlight and Stories is a blog written by a special needs teacher. The autism section focuses on supporting children with autism in education and also features several articles specific to the PDA profile. SmallTalk Speech & Language Therapy - [...]

Blogs by PDA adults

You, Me and life dealing with the triple A's Riko's blog. PDA and More and Riko's Facebook Page ​Me, Myself and PDA and Facebook page "NO" - Rosa Parks Diary of a Painfully Shy Introvert and Facebook Page Sally Cat's PDA Page and Sally Cat's PDA blog Harry Thompson YouTube channel Adult PDA Support Page Wild Foxes [...]

Blogs by parents

PDA Guidance Steph's two girls blog and Facebook page lovepda blog and Facebook page Mummagrizzlybear blog and Facebook page Life and ASC Notes on PDA and Facebook page PDA Hearts and Stars (Facebook-based blog) PDA Unlocked (Facebook Community Page) The Learning Curve (Home education & PDA) and Facebook page PDA Bubble and Facebook page "Do You Sell Nipples?" (Autism, Home education) Muddling [...]