Blogs and videos by children & young people


Me Just Me website and Facebook page follows a young teen who shares stories and real life experiences about PDA, autism, anxiety, PTSD and home education. Me just me also advocates for teen authenticity and Neurodiversity and discusses teen mental health, self care and positivity.

Libby's Autism Blog on Twitter - the writings of Libby, an autistic 12-year-old with demand avoidance.

Little M's Journey to The Outside World shares insightful videos on YouTube, talking about being autistic and having PDA.

Edith has a fundraising page on Facebook where she auctions crafts in aid of various charities and a blog called The Autistic Artists where she shares her drawings and thoughts. Edith also spoke to Julia Daunt in Interview with Edith, PDA from the perspective of a 10-year old and recorded this Facebook Live video.

8-bit Spence Retro gamer records crazy gameplay videos, challenges and more for YouTube.

Amelia Durdy shares her musical talent on her Facebook page. She also fundraises for her local food bank with her performances.

ORLANDO VATV records fun videos and vlogs for YouTube about his life and experiences. He also has a gaming channel ZiggyAugust TV where you can watch his gameplay videos of Minecraft and other games.

Samuel H records YouTube let’s play videos of his Minecraft adventures on Minecraft Pocket Edition.