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‘PANDA’ page in French and Norwegian

The PDA Society have been contacted by parents who have kindly translated our PANDA mnemonic/infographic into Norwegian and French, which we’re sharing in case it helps others (though please note these aren’t official translations and the PDA Society is not able to verify their accuracy). More about our PanDA ambassador [...]

Persian translation: Adult coping strategies

In 2019 Adib Mohareri translated the 'Self-help, coping strategies and therapies for adult PDAers' information into Persian. He kindly made it available here: View translation online   .fusion-button.button-4 {border-radius:2px;}View translation online

International Facebook groups

These Facebook Groups are based in countries other than the UK Pathological Demand Avoidance Disorder IRELAND PRISM PDA Ireland PDA Australia - Pathological Demand Avoidance PDA-USA Pathological Demand Avoidance PDA on the autism spectrum Canada PDA Global Group PDA Aotearoa New Zealand PDA/Autisme Awareness Danmark Denmark Autismo- PDA - Sindrome da Evitamento [...]

Når hverdagen blir en maktkamp

Når hverdagen blir en maktkamp Ekstrem kravavvisning/PDA, hva er det og hva gjør vi? I Norge ble PDA, også kalt ekstrem kravavvisning, først og fremst løftet fram via innlegg og etter hvert egne grupper på Facebook, av pårørende som hadde orientert seg i utenlandsk litteratur og kurser, på leting etter en [...]

Translations into Portuguese

This Brazilian blog includes translations of PDA information into Portuguese. Blog criado com o intuito de trazer atenção ao Transtorno do Espectro Autista, com foco em Evitação Patológica à Demanda também no Brasil.  Uma síndrome distinta dentro do autismo, sendo mais reconhecida  no Reino Unido e descoberta na década de [...]

PDAANZ (Australia and NZ)

Pathological Demand Avoidance Australia and New Zealand (PDAANZ) PDAANZ is actively involved in increasing awareness amongst GPs, specialists, academics and educationalists, to ensure that people with PDA are understood and supported. The website includes information on the support available in Australia and New Zealand, including a list of professionals who [...]

PDA Matters

PDA Matters is a charity based in the United States whose main function is Raising Awareness and Spreading Hope (RASH) about PDA in the US. They are starting in a small way, aiming to expand as resources permit. They aim to: provide information to raise awareness about pathological demand avoidance; [...]