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A critical-insider perspective

A critical-insider perspective on PDA and parenting. Paula Sanchez first presented her perspective to the Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC) meeting in 2018. Her work goes back to the accounts of Asperger and finds that some of his descriptions includes traits that might be reflected in the PDA profile. She explains: [...]

Differences Between PDA and Non-PDA Autism

A Demonstration of Differences Between PDA and Non-PDA Autism, a transcript of a presentation by Sally Cat at The Autism Show at ExCeL London on 15th June 2019 Sally's introduction explains: "Hello, I’m Sally Cat I am a PDAer This means my neurology fits the Pathological Demand Avoidance profile, which is currently classed as [...]

‘Natures answer to over-conformity’: deconstructing PDA

Abstract Throughout its history autism has been primarily defined in terms of a pathologised deviancy from normative cognitive functionality, despite protestations to the contrary from autistic writers (Sinclair, 1993, Arnold, 2010, Milton, 2011). More recently however, we have witnessed the wider acceptance of a construction concerning a perceived pervasive developmental [...]

Being Misunderstood in Education

There is currently significant interest in the numbers of children and young people who are excluded from school or find themselves unable to get into school and end up either at home or some form of alternative provision. The Children's Commissioners' 2019 report ‘Skipping School’ and the Dispatches programme that [...]

PDA Society Conference 2015

The first PDA Society conference took place on September 23rd 2015 in Northampton. The day was a great success, with 240 delegates attending. A booklet which includes some commentary and photos from the event, plus the key points from the pre-conference survey can be downloaded within the article.   Published: 2015   .fusion-button.button-11 {border-radius:2px;}View [...]