PDA Society 5th anniversary survey report


A report on the main findings of our 5th anniversary survey conducted in Oct/Nov 2020, with statistics and comments from respondents, along with a summary of what the PDA Society is planning during 2021 can be viewed/downloaded here. The main findings are summarised below.

It was very encouraging to know that

  • our work has had a positive impact in terms of improving understanding of an otherwise perplexing presentation - and that this has been transformational in terms of outcomes

  • our information & resources are highly regarded - and the PDA Society is viewed as trusted and professional

  • the information & support we offer is unique and not found elsewhere

There’s a strong call for the PDA Society to

  • raise awareness of PDA with the general public

  • further understanding & acceptance amongst professionals

This survey shows that we’ve had a very positive impact in our first 5 years as a registered charity. We’d like to thank the PDA Society team, the vast majority of whom are volunteers, for all their expertise, experience and commitment, and for spending so much time and energy helping others.

Looking ahead to the next 5 years, the PDA Society’s primary aims are:

  • to increase acceptance and understanding of the PDA profile within the concept of ‘dimensionality’ in autism

  • to improve outcomes for individuals and families by focusing everyone involved on ‘what helps'


Published by: PDA Society, January 2021