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Keys to care

A single page help sheet for supporting and helping someone with a PDA profile. Ideal for those working with individuals whose care-needs have been identified as relating to demand avoidance. Useful as a grab-sheet for members of staff - a regular reminder of what can help. Also helpful for family [...]

PDA Reference Booklet for Health, Education and Social Care Practitioners

This booklet was initially produced and printed in 2014 as part of our 'Awareness Matters' campaign and revised in 2016. The booklet will be useful to Health, Education and Social Care Practitioners. This is a free electronic resource. Distribution is positively encouraged.  In addition, the PDA Society can supply hard copies [...]

Introduction to PDA

NDTi has partnered with the PDA Society to help raise awareness and increase understanding of PDA – a profile on the autism spectrum. Following the high profile programme File on 4 about Transforming Care, featuring the story of 17 year old Bethany who has PDA traits, it was felt that [...]

Recognising Autism Spectrum Disorders

This is a guide for GPs, nurses, health visitors, social workers, teachers and other primary care workers It is important for professionals to recognise children who may have an autism spectrum disorder because early diagnosis, support and intervention is often crucial for the best long term outcomes for the child. Remember: [...]