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Introduction to PDA

NDTi has partnered with the PDA Society to help raise awareness and increase understanding of PDA – a profile on the autism spectrum. Following the high profile programme File on 4 about Transforming Care, featuring the story of 17 year old Bethany who has PDA traits, it was felt that [...]

Neville’s PDA video series

This ground-breaking range of videos was produced in 2010 by a former Trustee of the PDA Society. They including lots of information on PDA and supporting young people in education. The nine videos cover the following topics: An introduction to Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome PDA:- Common features and characteristics [...]

Harry Thompson

Hi there! My name is Harry and I am a public speaker, PDA Expert (by Experience) and Consultant, and the author of The PDA Paradox - the link to which can be found below. I created this channel to raise awareness on Neurodiversity by providing detailed descriptions of the [...]

We are Unique – Libby Hill

We are Unique - Libby Hill (speech and language therapist) talks to Kevin Healy about PDA.   .fusion-button.button-8 {border-radius:2px;}Watch part one on YouTube .fusion-button.button-9 {border-radius:2px;}Watch part two on YouTube