Our Strategy 2022-2027

We’re delighted to share our new strategy. It’s the first strategy we’ve published and has 6 goals that explain what we hope to achieve from 2022 to 2027.

This 5-year plan was produced using feedback from the PDA community (with surveys run in 2018 and 2021), feedback from professionals and our own experience. From our surveys we heard that PDA individuals are still struggling to:

  • Access a diagnosis identifying a PDA profile, with lack of research given as a reason for this.
  • Have their individual needs as PDA individuals understood.
  • Access the personalised strategies needed to help.

Our 5-year plan aims to tackle these challenges and improve the quality of life for PDA individuals and those who support them.

Our 6 goals

Image text: PDA Society 5 year plan 2022-2027. Our 6 goals. Research. Promote high quality multi-disciplinary research to extend understanding of PDA and the approaches needed, informing policy and practice, with improved outcomes for PDA individuals. Information/ training for professionals. Embed awareness and understanding of PDA with health, social care, education and other professionals, focusing on personalised approaches and improved outcomes not terminology. Information/ training for the PDA community. Equip the PDA community with the resources and training needed to help themselves and, should they wish, to self-advocate impactfully as experts by their own experience. Support. Provide specialist support delivered by the PDA community and for the PDA community that is unavailable elsewhere and meets the needs of PDA individuals, transforming their quality of life. Inclusivity. Be inclusive of all PDA individuals and the people who support them, working closely with the PDA community and other organisations to ensure PDA Society services are accessible and accountable. Sustainability and compliance. Be a resilient organisation adapting to a rapidly changing external context, with a diverse income portfolio, high professional standards and culture of monitoring, evaluation and learning. Registered Charity Number 1165038.

Find out more

More information about our goals and what we’ll do to achieve each goal is available in our strategy document below.

More detailed information on each strategic objective is available here.