Lived experience blogs

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Lived experience blogs

The views and opinions expressed in the blog posts on the PDA Society website are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the PDA Society. Whilst we endeavour to ensure the suitability of the content that we share, all the information provided in these blog posts is for general information purposes only. We are also unable to endorse or recommend any third party services that authors may offer. Personal accounts may vary because everyone’s experience is unique.

1506, 2023

The queerity of PDA

By Riko Ryuki - June 2023 I'm Riko Ryuki, a multiply disabled PDA parent to 3 autistic/PDA kids. I am agender (they/them pronouns), aromantic and asexual. I write about PDA and autism, and have a blog and Facebook page where I put most of [...]

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