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A range of videos including a series of webinars produced by the PDA Society

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PDA & school avoidance podcast with James

15 year old James shares his thoughts on why school is difficult for young people with a PDA profile. He openly talks about his experience of school and the daily challenges around demands, masking, sensory difficulties, school avoidance, friendships and transitions. He also offers some possible solutions and tips [...]

PDA best practice – the professional voice

PDA best practice - what the professionals would like you to know Professionals from a range of backgrounds explain why they feel it's important to identify PDA and share their tips for best practice. This is one of two resources created for PDA Day 2021 that share best practice about PDA [...]

PDA best practice – the PDA community’s voice

PDA best practice - what the PDA community would like professionals to know This is one of two resources created for PDA Day 2021 that share best practice about PDA for professionals from all sectors – including healthcare, education, social care, the law, therapists, counsellors, advocates and policy makers. This video [...]

Introduction to PDA (2021)

An introductory video about PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance). This video is just over 20 minutes long and covers lots of information, including: What is demand avoidance? PDA & Autism Key features of a PDA profile Research & clinical themes Why identify PDA? How PDA can feel What are demands? Demand [...]

What is PDA? video

This short video gives a quick introduction to PDA and was created to help raise awareness of PDA with the general public and convey some essential information about PDA in a quick and easily shareable format. Voiced by PDAers and PDA Society team members. Available to watch and share below or [...]


A collection of PDA-related podcasts and radio programmes. ALT:learn Podcast PDA Society Trustee Jilly Davis talks to The ALT:learn Podcast about recognising and supporting PDA learners. SEND in the experts for Twinkl SEND PDA Society CEO Helen Evans and Trustee Jilly Davis speak to Georgina Durrant about how educators can support [...]

Neville’s PDA video series

This ground-breaking range of videos was produced in 2010 by a former Trustee of the PDA Society. They including lots of information on PDA and supporting young people in education. The nine videos cover the following topics: An introduction to Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome PDA:- Common features and characteristics [...]

Introduction to PDA – Focusing on the criminal justice system

This short introductory webinar aims to increase understanding of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) within forensic clinical practice and settings within the criminal justice system. During this webinar we discuss: PDA & Autism Demand avoidance Research PDA demands The effects Helpful approaches Legal setting considerations Risk assessments Resources & signposting Watch [...]