A collection of PDA-related podcasts and radio programmes.


ACAMH ‘Autism, a parent's guide’
  • Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian discusses PDA in this podcast and how to recognise it in a child with an autism diagnosis. Ann suggests strategies to try at home, talks about research and understanding the core of behaviours, and how to have conversations with teachers, schools and others to support children.

Tilt Parenting

Fight & Fawn
  • Two PDAers discuss their lived experience of PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) over the course of five episodes - Kristy Forbes & FAN

Mind Matters

Stories About Autism

Surrey Hills Community Radio

BBC Radio 4 'All in the Mind'

  • The professionals who use this diagnosis consider it to be part of the autism spectrum. But is it a discrete condition? Claudia Hammond hears from Liz O'Nions at the University of Louven about its history and new research into teasing out PDA's traits alongside guest Mathijs Lucassen - lecturer in mental health at the Open University. Listen to 'All in the Mind'