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The 2018 ‘Being Misunderstood’ survey conducted by the PDA Society highlights that the school environment does not work for many children with PDA. Positive experiences are sadly few and far between, but where they exist they provide a glimmer of hope.
Successful placements necessitate a close working partnership between school and home, a whole school approach with strong support from the leadership team, a genuine commitment to inclusion and a positive, flexible approach.

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Helen’s story – PDA in families and deciding to home educate

Helen self-identifies with a PDA profile and sees the same traits in other family members including her daughter and her Mum, with mutual understanding across the generations having led to an instinctively collaborative and compassionate approach to both parenting and education. Passionately believing that our education system is not [...]

Surviving A-Levels – Jo’s story

Personal Reflection: Surviving A-Levels by Jo. Jo is a PDA young adult. He studied A-Level Philosophy, Maths and English at a mainstream school and shares his personal experience here, offering valuable insights for both young people and adults. Jo reflects on some of the challenges he faced and the approaches [...]

The Link School – Making PDA adaptations

The Link School – a case study on making PDA adaptations The Link School, a special Academy based in the London borough of Sutton, realised they needed to adapt their approach to supporting PDA children and young people to access education. They have explored different approaches, listened to the families [...]

Oliver’s Story – a mainstream student experience

Thank you for helping me grow. - A mainstream student’s experience Ceri Hamer is the headteacher for a mainstream primary school in Lancashire. Here she tells us about a PDA student and the help and support the school provided to them. The pupil’s name has been changed. Oliver arrived at [...]