Case Studies - Education

The 2018 ‘Being Misunderstood’ survey conducted by the PDA Society highlights that the school environment does not work for many children with PDA. Positive experiences are sadly few and far between, but where they exist they provide a glimmer of hope.
Successful placements necessitate a close working partnership between school and home, a whole school approach with strong support from the leadership team, a genuine commitment to inclusion and a positive, flexible approach.

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Helen’s story – PDA in families and deciding to home educate

Helen self-identifies with a PDA profile and sees the same traits in other family members including her daughter and her Mum, with mutual understanding across the generations having led to an instinctively collaborative and compassionate approach to both parenting and education. Passionately believing that our education system is not [...]

In Mainstream School – Rob’s Story

Adopting a PDA-friendly and holistic approach to education together with a totally individualised curriculum and a reduced timetable has been ‘transformational’ according to Rob’s head teacher. His one-to-one teacher shares his journey and some top tips for others. PDA diagnosis & inclusive approach enable Rob to thrive in mainstream school [...]

Jupiter Free School and Arijana

Arijana’s classmates have adapted with ease and were very accepting that Arijana was ‘learning how to be in school’. This is in no small part down to the strong values and culture that permeates the whole school and the recognition that good practice in SEN education is good practice [...]