Case Studies - Older Children

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James’ story

James is 14 and kindly shared this extract he wrote about his experience of PDA. His insightful and honest account covers how PDA can be misunderstood; masking; school; the need to have ‘demand free’ time; the importance of trust in relationships; the impact of the Covid pandemic and what [...]

Agnes’ Story

During her early years at school Agnes was a model pupil - in stark contrast to the behaviour she displayed at home. Her parents and siblings struggled to understand where her outbursts of anger stemmed from. Over time Agnes’s school related anxiety increased until she began a period of [...]

Freddie’s Story

Freddie was diagnosed with Atypical Autism and ADHD just before his 12th birthday. His parents didn’t feel these diagnoses explained the difficulties Freddie was experiencing. PDA had been mentioned to them a few years previously and they adopted many PDA-friendly strategies to help him. Freddie’s family have seen vast [...]

John’s Story

Through her own research, John’s Mum felt he had many autistic traits but that there were boxes he didn’t fit. John struggled on with a non-specific autism diagnosis but school attendance was erratic and recommended strategies made him worse. After a lengthy battle and multiple diagnoses, John was eventually [...]

Michael’s Story

An ASD diagnosis helped Michael’s parents justify their need to parent differently, something they had previously felt blamed for. However Asperger’s didn’t fully or accurately describe his presentation, whereas PDA fits him ‘like a glove’. Michael’s Mum had found herself naturally adopting PDA-friendly strategies through her own trial and [...]

Milly’s Story

After years of increasingly challenging behaviour, an inaccurate Asperger’s diagnosis and no professional support, my family was in complete crisis. Only through my own tenacity, the support of fellow parents and consistent use of PDA strategies have we been able to see the light at the end of the [...]

Dan’s Story

Because Dan masked his difficulties at school, whilst his anxiety was sky high at home and it was a daily battle to get him to attend, it was only when he ran from school that we were taken seriously. Despite school & external agencies working hard, their efforts were [...]

Katie’s Story

Children like Katie seem too complicated for the usual system, no one knows what to do with them. This puts all the pressure on the parents. And yet my evidence and strong belief that Katie had PDA were dismissed and my parenting blamed. Advice targeting the incorrect diagnosis of [...]