Case Studies - Younger Children

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James’ Story

James was a lively toddler with an inquisitive nature, though his family recognised early on that some of his behaviours weren’t typical for a boy of his age. He managed to attend school up until year 3 at which point James’ anxiety levels became very apparent, and his negative [...]

Stan’s Story

Already having another child with Asperger’s enabled Stan’s Mum to really understand the differences with PDA, both in terms of how it presents and in terms of handling strategies. Having persevered in order to obtain a diagnosis of ‘atypical autism with PDA traits’, Stan’s Mum then trained others in [...]

Joe’s Story

Joe had managed to mask at school until expectations increased in Y3 when things went rapidly downhill. An initial diagnosis of Asperger’s, dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder (SPD) was refined to PDA; Joe was also prescribed low-dose Prozac to help with his anxiety. These together with a close and [...]

Francisco’s Story

Mostly our parenting was blamed for Francisco’s difficulties, but we never stopped looking for answers and knew deep down that it wasn’t a question of being firmer or having stronger boundaries. From the point of diagnosis onwards, daily life has become much easier because we now understand what [...]

Jack’s Story

Despite being diagnosed with Asperger’s & ADHD at 5, it was clear that Jack didn’t really fit the Asperger’s profile. PDA isn’t recognised in our area, but everyone can see that anxiety is at the root of his behaviour. PDA strategies that are engaging and adaptive are the most [...]

Zara’s Story

The moment Zara started school her previously calm demeanour vanished and her behaviour suddenly became very aggressive. We knew this wasn’t naughtiness but had no idea how to move forward until PDA was mentioned. Implementing PDA strategies literally changed our lives, reducing 6-7 incidents a day to 6-7 a [...]

Will’s Story

Will presented such a mixed and confusing picture, but reading about PDA was like reading a description of my son. Knowing about PDA and what strategies to use has alleviated such a lot of stress on our family and made an immediate difference at school. We didn’t wait [...]