Case Studies - Adults

Many of our adult cases studies are from adults who were often not aware of being on the autism spectrum until later in life. Many may have tried to cope with their difficulties, very often beginning in early adolescence, by self-medicating or engaging in risky behaviours. This is common for individuals who are not diagnosed and are therefore unsupported and misunderstood. We hope that our case studies illustrate the benefits of their understanding of their Pathological Demand Avoidance.

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Helen’s story – PDA in families and deciding to home educate

Helen self-identifies with a PDA profile and sees the same traits in other family members including her daughter and her Mum, with mutual understanding across the generations having led to an instinctively collaborative and compassionate approach to both parenting and education. Passionately believing that our education system is not [...]

Julia’s Story

Julia was diagnosed with PDA by Elizabeth Newson aged 12 after her increasingly challenging behaviour resulted in school exclusion and social isolation. Now in her early 30s, Julia recounts the impact PDA (and her co-morbid ADHD) has had from childhood onwards and how increased self-awareness and connecting with other [...]