Child Behaviour & Parenting Strategies


The Child Behaviour and Parenting Strategies study was designed to investigate links between child behaviour and parenting strategies, as well as many other factors, with a particular focus on children with developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

This is an update on preliminary findings from the study, which was led by Dr Liz O’Nions, Prof. Ilse Noens (KU Leuven, Belgium) and Prof. Francesca Happé (King’s College London, UK).

It describes PDA's research background, refers to the debate on whether it should be considered a sub-group or part of a continuum and makes suggestions for resolving the debates around diagnosis.

Amid that context, the study provides some detailed and important material on demands in ASD, looking at why demands can be difficult and develops a theoretical model as to how avoidance may develop.

It also describes the nature of adapted parenting and recognises the ways in which the parent's often find there is a particular turning point which enables them to help their child better.


Authors: Dr Liz O’Nions, Prof. Ilse Noens and Prof. Francesca Happé, 2019