Early Intervention – Aberdeen


Early Intervention Aberdeen provides support and guidance to parents/carers of neurodivergent children, including PDA.

Please visit our website www.earlyintervention.org.uk for resources and more information about our forthcoming events, including regular weekly children & parent activity sessions and school holiday activities.

In addition, we would love to hear directly from you via FB messenger or you can email info@earlyintervention.org.uk.



Please note: this support group is independent and external to the PDA Society. They are a member of our support group leaders’ network and recognise, understand, and support PDA and the work we do by sharing up-to-date information and resources from the PDA Society​, and as such have permission to use our PDA support group leaders' network logo, but we don’t have any control over (and cannot take responsibility for) the support or services offered.


Last updated: March 2023