24 Hour Gaming Marathon

Hosted by Spectrum Gaming and the PDA Society

Would you like to level up your gaming skills and help raise £5k for Spectrum Gaming and the PDA Society? We’re hosting a 24 hour Gaming Marathon and all gamers are welcome!

All donations received to Just Giving Gaming will be split 50:50 between Spectrum Gaming and the PDA Society.

How it works…

Between 12pm, Saturday 14th May and 12pm, Sunday 15th May, you can join us for 24 hours of streaming, gaming & epic community events and help raise vital funds for our charities too.

Gamers can choose … 

how long to play – 24 hours or a portion of time.
24 hours: there’s a relay team option for players of all ages or single players who are 18+ can attempt to game for 24 hours solo!
A portion of time: single players & relay teams can set their own target time and we’ll add it to our totaliser of hours played!.

how to play – Streaming or private play
Streaming: gamers can stream live to supporters if they like (we can help new streamers get started).
Private play: playing privately without streaming is also an option (whether online or offline, with others or solo).

what game(s) to play – Participants can play anything they like during the marathon – it’s your choice!
We’ll also invite registered gamers to optional group events throughout the 24 hours.

We want this event to be both fun and safe. Everyone who signs up will receive top tips for staying healthy on the big day. All group events will be moderated by Spectrum Gaming’s experienced team. And whether you reach your target or not, we’ll still be thrilled that you took part.

Gamers can sign up now by emailing info@spectrumgaming.net or info@pdasociety.org.uk then spread the word, asking friends and family to sponsor them!