Support us

The PDA Society is a registered charity in England and Wales, run by trustees and volunteers who are all parents of children with PDA and receives no external funding. We rely on donations and successful grant applications to cover the majority of our activities, which include: 

  • Printing and distributing information leaflets and booklets
  • Delivering our webinars
  • Organising, hosting and contributing to the costs of our conferences
  • Maintaining our web site (including hosting fees)
  • Maintaining our telephone and email support facilities
  • Attending autism events across the UK to raise awareness and provide support to parents
  • Day to day running of the organisation
  • Delivery of our six week courses for Parents and Carers

If you are able to make a donation, however small, to help us help others; please click on the donate button below:

If you would prefer to send us a cheque or bank transfer, please contact us for details.

At present the PDA Society do not ask for a Membership fee in order to access our services, however a few individuals donate a small amount regularly via direct debit, which helps us to budget our finances. If you would like to consider giving a regular amount to the PDA Society please contact us for details of how to do this. 

Thank you for your support.