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PDA Society training

The PDA Society offers the following courses and can also deliver bespoke courses – please contact us for further information or to make an enquiry.

Please note that the PDA Society courses are delivered by training facilitators with valuable first-hand experiences of living and working with PDA.

For details of current courses please see PDA Society events listing.

We also list some events run by third parties. We’re currently developing an accreditation process for third party trainers – please contact us if you run PDA training and would be interested in your courses being listed. The PDA Society takes considerable care to check the services that we signpost, however, we’re not responsible for the quality, experience or outcomes from the third party organisations.

PDA Society Training Offering

Understanding PDA – 1 hour

Basic introductory session that looks at the background to PDA, latest research, what is a demand, strategies to help, problem solving, educational good practice and where to go for help

PDA for Parents/Carers 4 hours (excl lunch & breaks)

Also suitable for health, education and social care professionals. The session is packed with information but due to time constraints is not designed as an interactive workshop. The course covers: what is PDA?, what is a demand and how PDA can feel, panic attacks/meltdowns (and why they happen), strategies to decrease anxiety and meltdowns, diagnosis, education and signposting.

PDA for Parents/Carers – 6 week workshop (3 hrs per session)

This workshop covers all the material from the 4 hour course detailed above, but looks at each area in much more depth. The delegates will have time to get to know each other, share & learn from each other and spend time developing strategies specifically for their family.

PDA for Educators 3 hours or 1.5 hour twilight session

This course includes information on: the background to PDA, research, demands, strategies, legal obligations, PDA children as learners, rewards/sanctions and collaborative problem solving

Supporting Adults with PDA 4 hours (excl lunch & breaks)

This course is suitable for those working in social care and includes information on: the background to PDA, research, demands, strategies, behaviours you might see and why, caregiver choice, changing habits, working with challenging individuals and collaborative problem solving