PDA Day survey

Update: This survey has now ended. Thank you to everyone who responded. We will report back on PDA Day, 15th May 2021.

This PDA Day 15th May 2021 we’re focussing on professionals working with PDA children and adults – GPs, clinicians, teachers/TAs/SENCos, educational psychologists, social workers, therapists (speech & language, occupational therapy, psychology, physiotherapy …), charities, nurses/mentors/counsellors, outreach workers, people working in Local Authorities and others.

We’d like to share positive stories of best practice and what has worked well … and also what the PDA community would like professionals to know about PDA & what would help most. We’re therefore assuming that in completing this survey you’re happy for us to use your comments anonymously.

Please choose the section below that applies to you to begin the survey (you’re welcome to complete more than one section if applicable)

Thank you.