PDA & How Speech & Language Therapy Can Help

In this webinar, Libby Hill – Speech & Language Therapist (SALT) from Smalltalk, looks at the difficulties that individuals with PDA may experience with speech and language; even though difficulties in this area may not be obvious at first, and how this can affect behaviour? Libby also discusses the benefits of a full speech and language assessment and how regular therapy from a SALT can help individuals with PDA.

An extended question and answer session follows.
Recorded in August 2017

“If we assume that PDA has a basis in anxiety, one of the key factors behind the anxiety could well be that they do not fully understand the abstract language used around them or ‘get’ the hidden social messages from adults or peers. Some may even have disordered language. However, they do not want others to be aware they are struggling, they want to control the interaction or situation to keep to familiar, understandable territory. Some may use diversion tactics to avoid or to mask. This is in itself very stressful so increases the anxiety”. Libby Hill 2017