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Why we choose the Giant Panda?


Just like Giant Pandas, individuals with PDA need very specific support to thrive or may otherwise have an increased likelihood of poor outcomes.


Giant Pandas are very sensitive to their environment and require very specific support and accommodations to thrive, without which they can become very unwell. It has been shown how an integrated approach to their care – combining science, a genuine commitment from multiple parties and community engagement is essential for success. Download a copy of the panda image to use yourself

Similarly, the recommended support strategies for individuals with PDA are very specific and very different to those for people with other autism profiles. In place of firm boundaries and the use of rewards, consequences and praise, individuals with PDA respond better to an approach based on negotiation, collaboration and flexibility.
Zoo keepers often describe Pandas as some of the most challenging but also rewarding animals to work with. A sentiment that is often expressed about individuals with PDA by their family and the professionals that work with them.

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Just as giant pandas can thrive with suitable support (their numbers have risen by 17% in the last decade according to the WWF) so too can individuals with PDA. The PDA Society uses these parallels between individuals with PDA and giant pandas in its training courses for parents and teachers to help reinforce this message.

We’d like to thank the Lighter Side of PDA Facebook group where the giant panda idea originated for allowing us to use this concept, Looker Marketing Communications for supporting the PDA Society in the creation of the panda ambassador artwork and Sally Cat’s PDA Page for creating an animated GIF for us to share on social media.

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