PDA Day (Friday 15th May) is just a month away.

The focus in previous years has been on raising awareness, increasing acceptance and taking action about the PDA profile of autism. Due to the current coronavirus outbreak and associated social distancing measures, this year we’re switching the focus to supporting our PDA and wider community.

The theme for PDA Day 2020 is therefore ‘Support‘ and we’ve created various resources around this theme including …

  • A brand new PDA Day Facebook profile frame depicting community support – launching today and available to add to profile pictures here.
  • Some fun downloadable activities …
  • A scavenger hunt to help share useful resources on our website – ‘clues’ will be released on PDA Day, each leading to a different source of support.

We hope you’ll join us in marking PDA Day, maybe by

  • sharing our scavenger hunt and social media posts using the hashtag #PDAday
  • sharing pictures of colourful ‘pandalas’ in windows at home or via social media
  • sharing photos of you and your family with your PDA Panda ears on
  • adding the new PDA Day Facebook frame to your profile picture

Please do share your pictures and photos with us too, by tagging us on social media or via email (if you’re happy for us to share with others).

*Requires a printer, paper, scissors, glue and a headband. If you don’t have a printer you could replace the printable template with black paper and copy the basic design
**Many thanks to Sally Cat for designing these for us