In recent months there has been extensive coverage about PDA in the mainstream press and broadcast media and in professional publications. Below is a recap, with links to the coverage.

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12 May 2022, Channel 4 News
The Covid Generation: In-person exams return for GCSE and A-Level students for the first time in three years – features Rozi, a PDA young person, and her mum.

28 April 2022, ITV News
Children with special educational needs being ‘denied an education’ due to funding crisis – features Sophia and Sam, 2 PDA young people, and their mums Leanne and Julie.

4 April 2022, The Times
My autistic teenager seems to have given up on life – features a letter from a parent of a PDA young person to Professor Tanya Byron and her reply with information about PDA and helpful approaches.

16 & 17 March 2022, Leeds Live & The Mirror
Leeds girl, 10, ‘desperate to make friends’ has been rejected by every school in the city (Leeds Live) and Girl, 10, rejected by every school in city is ‘desperate to make friends’ (The Mirror) – features ten-year-old Leyla, a PDA child, and her mum Daniella.

3 March 2022, BBC Look North
Coverage of PDA on BBC Look North – features ten-year-old Joshua, a PDA child, who has been unable to attend school for 2 years as his family have struggled to access a provision that meets his needs. Also features Joshua’s parent and an interview with PDA Society CEO Helen Evans.

18 November 2021, TeachWire (for education professionals)
What is PDA? – Understanding pathological demand avoidance – PDA Society Trustee Jilly Davis explains how to recognise PDA and offer effective support.

15 Aug 2021, The Guardian
‘I can’t work’: the mothers left to fight alone for their children’s mental health care – features Cassandra, the parent of a PDA child.