This year has been a busy one in the world of autism and PDA, at every level.

Starting with a research meeting chaired by Dame Uta Frith which brought together academics to delve into the difficult questions and stimulate thinking – this is leading to much-needed further research.

This was closely followed by our intro to PDA webinar for the National Development Team for Inclusion – this has become their most accessed resource and was initially designed as training for NHS England Commissioners.

Moving on, there have been commitments from the Government to ensure that autism, in all its breadth, will be considered in the NHS 10-year plan, the autism strategy and new mandatory training.

PDA Day on 15th May focussed on ‘improving outcomes’ which saw a wide range of new materials published, many generously produced in partnership with our friends with lived experience and from many varied professions, and a new video about Demand Avoidance of the PDA kind.

Over the summer, we developed our training to work with new audiences such as adult care workers and autism charities, and we watched, delighted, as others created and filled PDA events across the country.

This autumn was capped by the 10th annual PDA conference from the NAS – a reminder of just how far we have come and a stepping stone for our own third conference “PDA in 2020” in March next year.

Several new PDA Society resources – including our PANDA mnemonic infographic and Christmas tips – have been very well received, and the PDA library of books is ever-growing. Meanwhile the word is spreading further afield, with our materials being translated into languages from Persian to Lithuanian!

After her Dad’s tireless campaign, we were delighted to hear that Bethany has now moved to a new community placement – we wish her all the very best for the future, and hold those who won’t be home for Christmas very much in our hearts.

As trustees, we’ve recently been personally reminded of the complexities that families like ours face, and have been privileged to be able to help each other and the many who come to us for support. In turn, we’re incredibly grateful for all the support that we’ve received from our friends and colleagues. A heartfelt thank you from all of us.

Last but by no means least, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderfully committed team of volunteers, helpers and advisers without whom none of the PDA Society’s work could be achieved.

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous Christmas and New Year,

Sally, Paula, Debra, Vikki & Hilary
Trustees of the PDA Society

PDA Xmas Card

PDA Xmas Card

This Christmas card was created by Julia Daunt for the PDA Society – it can be purchased or sent as an e-card via our store site